Paediatrics is the field of specialty that focuses on the health of newborns, toddlers and children. It is also one of the key verticals of excellence at Singapore Medical Group. SMG Kids, our paediatric division, hosts a network of children’s clinics across Singapore, under the Kids Clinic brand. The services our experienced paediatricians offer include:
  1. Newborn Examination and Care  (includes sub-specialisation of neonatology, which encompasses care of premature babies)
  2. Baby Growth and Development Assessment
  3. Immunisations
  4. Common Childhood Ailments and Illnesses
  5. Infectious and Communicable Diseases
Beyond Singapore, we also offer quality paediatric care in Vietnam through CarePlus Vietnam, an associate of SMG.

Annabelle Kids is a holistic, multi-disciplinary child therapy centre providing allied health services such as psychotherapy, speech, & occupational therapy services for neurotypical children and children with special needs.

We adopt a play-based multidisciplinary approach to comprehensively assess and treat each child’s unique needs. This approach is fun, engaging, and stress-free for the child and family, and provides a holistic picture of your child’s actual functioning across multiple functional domains.

Our child therapists are also trained to conduct neuropsychological and other assessments. These formal assessments serve to guide treatment, monitor milestone outcomes, and gain access to specialised or subsidised services such as government special education schools and early intervention services.

Annabelle Kids offer a holistic range of child therapy services, including:

  • Diagnostic Assessments for neurodevelopmental conditions
  • Cognitive Assessments (IQ Tests)
  • Psychotherapy & interventions
  • Speech Therapy
  • Early language & behavioural intervention
  • Occupational therapy

We practice a family-cantered approach. Our child allied health professionals work collaboratively with the child’s family as equal partners to understand, support, and meet the needs of children with behavioural, social-emotional or neurodevelopmental difficulties. Our approach focuses and builds upon the unique strengths of each family unit to enable the child to receive specialised and sustainable care and support.



Dr Chua Xiuzhen
Dr Heng Siok Kheng
Dr Leo Hamilton
Dr Oh Meng Choo
Dr Simon Ng Pau Ling

Allied Health Professionals

Dr Annabelle Chow

Clinical Psychologist
Speech Therapist
Clinical Psychologist

Counselling Psychologist

Clinical Psychologist

Clinical Psychologist

Occupational Therapist

Art Psychotherapist

Clinical Psychologist