Aesthetic Medicine & Plastic Surgery

SW1 is a wellness movement that encompasses the SW1 Clinic, the SW1 Spa and the SW1 Shop, and is one of Singapore Medical Group’s key verticals of excellence.

Founded by Dr Low Chai Ling in 2017, the philosophy of SW1 is to help people fulfil their potential by breaking the definitions that limit us all.

The strength of the 7,000 ft2 clinic lies in its unique marriage of non-invasive cosmetic dermatology and cutting-edge plastic surgery, catering to the best of both worlds in serving an extensive range of beauty needs without limitations.

SW1 Spa, located within the clinic, offers medical grade facials that not only delivers world class results but allows clients to relax in a soothing spa-like setting.

The SW1 Shop which carries the full SW1 & chái skincare range offers clients medical-grade solutions packed with unique active ingredients for the discerning, results-oriented individual.

With two clinics currently located in Singapore and a third in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, SW1 Clinic plans to continue its growth and expansion into other key cities in Asia.



Dr Chia Hui Ling
Plastic Surgery
SW1 Dr Chua
Aesthetic Medicine
Dr Kenneth Lee
Aesthetic Medicine
SW1: Dr Low Chai Ling
Aesthetic Medicine
SW1 Dr Michelle Lim
Aesthetic Medicine
Dr Tan Ying Chien
Plastic Surgery