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Dr Kenneth Lee

Bachelor of MBBS (National University of Singapore), Graduate Diploma in Family Practice Dermatology (Singapore), Member of American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, Member Of American Society for Laser Medicine & Surgery

SW1 Clinic

Dr Kenneth Lee


Languages Spoken:

English & Malay


Having left his hometown of Ipoh at the age of 16 for Singapore as an Asean scholar, Dr Kenneth Lee has not looked back since. Being no stranger to hard work and discipline, Dr Kenneth Lee is perfectly suited for a life in the medical field owing to his unyielding passion for medicine and science, and connection with people from all walks of life. He is fluent in English, Malay, Cantonese and Hokkein; his rudimentary Mandarin, while the butt of many of his patients’ jokes has endeared him to many Chinese clients as well. His loyal following of patients say his empathy makes him one of the best doctors around.

Dr Kenneth Lee joined his wife Dr Low to found The Sloane Clinic in 2003 at a time when aesthetic laser technology was being born worldwide. His surgical training is the reason why patients near and far seek him out for his meticulous skills. His love for science and technology, and skill in robotics led him to be one of the first in Singapore to perform and train other doctors on the use of Fraxel lasers, Thermage, PPx and other notable aesthetic innovations of his time. Even before fractional lasers were introduced to the Singapore market, Dr Lee has been known to travel to the USA to study and test drive latest laser technologies to help pave the way for their introduction to the local market in the early 2000s.

Dr Lee has a special interest in ablative lasers and fillers. Dr Lee is well-known for his impeccable skill in facial thread lift procedures which he has not only performed thousands but also trained many doctors under him. He has innovated his thread lift procedures into his signature ‘K-Lift’ which not only cuts downtime and discomfort but delivers results surpassing traditional thread lifts. It is this commitment to innovation that makes Dr Lee a sought after expert and trainer in fillers, threadlifts and lasers.

Dr Kenneth Lee was an avid water-polo player and swimmer, having represented his varsity and his state Perak for these sports in his youth. He admits he is a ‘kampung’ boy at heart, preferring nature and solitude to the bustle of the city. When time permits, he escapes to the company of marine life as a deep-sea diver or spends time in solitude snowboarding off-piste. Dr Lee believes that medicine is a birthright of mankind, not a privilege. It is this commitment to serving others that leads him to be a firm advocate for the pro bono clinic that SW1 runs.

He divides his time with his patients at the clinics as well as training doctors across the region. He believes that wellness and beauty are interconnected and strives to achieve that balance for his patients. Patients know him as a healer, a counsellor and a confidante. He is well-known for his meticulous and caring approach to each patient and would like to be seen as a humble caregiver and a good friend to all his patients.

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