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Angelin Chua


Counselling Psychologist
Registered Psychologist (Singapore)

Angelin Chua


Languages Spoken:

English, Mandarin


Angelin graduated from James Cook University with a Bachelor of Psychology degree and a Postgraduate Diploma of Psychology. She went on to complete a practical course in psychological practice before returning to Singapore to complete a Masters of Applied Psychology (Counselling Psychology).

 Angelin is a counselling psychologist registered in Singapore and accredited in Australia. She provides psychological support to children and adults who are affected by a range of concerns including but not limited to anxiety and depression, social-emotional challenges, adjustment difficulties as well as relationship and familial issues. Having supported individuals in both countries across government, community and clinical settings, Angelin incorporates the use of eclectic modalities such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Narrative Therapy, Attachment Therapy and the Gottman Method with a primarily person-centric approach. She particularly enjoys working with individuals who are broadly interested in understanding themselves and in improving their personal or social circumstances.

For the care of children and teenagers, Angelin finds that these are best achieved with the support of their families. As such with these young people, she often enlists parents, caregivers and family members in the therapy sessions to gain a more holistic understanding of their sense of self and their needs as well as to equip their support network in providing the care and attention that they require as they make considerable efforts in working on their wellbeing.

For couples with relationship challenges, Angelin uses the Gottman Method which includes a thorough assessment of the couple’s relationship and aims to transform conflicting verbal communication, increase affection and intimacy, as well as to invite empathy and understanding into their relationship environment. She finds it especially humbling to hear their stories and to help build stronger relationships.

Angelin believes in helping individuals rewrite their personal stories so that they can be free of the shackles of their past, distortions of their present and the limits of their future which in turn enables them to be who they want to be and to live the lives they desire.

Having lived in Sydney, Adelaide, Shanghai and Singapore, Angelin has provided psychotherapy to a range of local and expat populations. She enjoys learning and experiencing different cultures and ways of living. When not at work, Angelin delights herself with different cuisines and busies herself with her children. Angelin consults with Annabelle Psychology and provides online psychotherapy services to clients.

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